Why Choose Us?

New York Surrogacy Center offers the following advantages over other surrogacy agencies you may be considering:

  • We are intentionally small so we can provide personalized, attentive service to our clients.
  • We only work in three states (NY, VT, and NJ), all of which we are licensed to practice law in. As a result, we are extremely familiar with the laws and proper procedures and can make sure that they are fully complied with in order to make your surrogacy journey as smooth as possible.
  • We can do almost everything electronically, from using fillable forms and e-signatures to coordinating video conferencing, so it is not a problem if you do not live near our office in Albany, New York.
  • We follow ASRM best practices in all of our internal policies and procedures to give you the best chance of a smooth and successful surrogacy journey.
  • We have rigorous pre-screening requirements and procedures for our surrogates so that by the time you are matched, you can be confident that your surrogate will pass her medical and psychological screenings.
  • We are transparent about our fees and the costs of surrogacy so you will never be surprised along the way.
  • We offer separate individual escrow accounts for each family so you will be able to easily keep track of how your account is being managed.
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